Our Story

Five Ways started brewing in 2017.

We ensure transparency from the moment a bean is picked until it’s brewed. This is achieved by working with trusted green bean importers and trading directly with farmers.We embrace the challenge of producing the highest quality products, whether it’s our coffee, training programs or machinery.

Call us whatever you would like: experts, craftsmen, artists...we like the title of artisan.

Our customers come first.

We use our hands to craft the finest coffees from around the world using a Dutch-built Giesen roaster.

Our staff comes from diverse backgrounds—both creative and entrepreneurial—and we encourage them to refine their respective skills at Five Ways. Authenticity and goodwill are in everything we do, from our brand ethos to our partnerships to what we produce to our relationship with our customers.

At the end of the day, we aim to give you the best Five Ways experience.

It’s important to understand the challenges of today’s climate.

Our Commitment

Our standards in coffee making are reflected in our care for the environment. By using innovative packaging and sustainable logistics techniques, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint.

Five Ways is always on the lookout for new and inspiring ways to be sustainable and care for our planet.